About all-Inclusive Vacations for Singles

All-inclusive vacations to exotic destinations and other venues allow travelers to enjoy the trip without worrying about the cost of food, drinks and entertainment. Singles who are interested in meeting new people during their trip can take part in planned events and enjoy a gourmet dining experience for a low-stress vacation. An all-inclusive vacation package designed specifically for singles typically take place in a resort setting or on board a cruise ship.


  • Singles’ vacation packages are designed to encourage singles to socialize and meet other singles, and the itinerary typically includes group activities, live entertainment and themed dinners as part of the package. Singles’ vacations are organized by several tour operators and travel companies around the world, and may include a trip aboard a cruise ship or an exotic adventure overseas. All-inclusive vacations allow singles to pay a flat fee for their entire trip; this fee covers the cost of food, accommodations and any activities listed on the itinerary.


  • An all-inclusive vacation package typically includes overnight accommodations at a deluxe hotel, resort or cruise ship cabin; dining at a buffet-style restaurant or sit-down venue; free access to local activities and events; free admission to special events and nightly entertainment; and free cocktails and beverages throughout the trip.


  • Some of the most popular all-inclusive vacation packages and destinations for singles include: resort vacations in St. Martin in the Caribbean; hiking and multi-sport tours to Costa Rica; Club Med vacations to ski resorts in Europe; Sandals Resort vacations in Antigua; and singles’ cruises to Jamaica and the Caribbean aboard cruise ship operators such as Celebrity Cruise Lines and Carnival.


  • Many all-inclusive vacations for singles are offered at rates discounted from other vacation packages; this allows singles to enjoy a deluxe vacation experience without overextending their budget. An all-inclusive vacation also takes the guesswork out of trip planning and reduces the stress involved with putting together an itinerary; singles can just pay their fee and pick and choose from a list of dining options, events and activities during their stay.


  • Singles interested in going on an all-inclusive vacation can work with a travel agent or travel coordinator to book the vacation, or book the vacation themselves through an online all-inclusive vacation website. Every all-inclusive vacation package has limitations, and some events, activities and dining experiences may not be included in the package. Many vacation packages for singles are designed in “tiers” where each level offers different amenities, services and benefits. In most cases, the tour operators or cruise ship will allow travelers to pay a fee to “upgrade” their vacation package to take advantage of benefits available in a different tier.

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