How to Find a Last Minute Vacation Rental

You’ve just found out your office will be closed for construction next week, and your kids are out of school for a teacher’s conference. It’s the perfect unexpected opportunity for a family get-away, but how will you book a vacation home at the last minute? Don’t worry. With these helpful tips, you can find that beach home, condo or cabin for rent, and you won’t have to pay a bundle for booking at the last minute!

Find a Last Minute Vacation Rental


  1. Check out vacation rental websites for last minute deals. When a landlord gets a last minute cancellation, she may be willing to talk turkey on price just to fill an empty gap in the schedule.
  2. Call area colleges to see if any of their faculty has left an empty rental behind when they left on sabbatical or to teach over the summer at another school.
  3. Find the local classifieds for the area you’re looking in by going online and looking up the newspapers in the town. You might just luck out with an owner listing that’s still available.
  4. Call the real estate and vacation rental agents in the area to find out if there are any last minute vacancies available due to cancellation. Sometimes there may be new houses that haven’t been put into the inventory yet, so ask about that, as well.
  5. Realize that when you’re booking last minute you may have to settle for less than you would ideally want. Be willing to take the house that’s three blocks from the ocean instead of right on the beach. The exercise will do you good!

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