How to Get Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior citizens travel around the United States and the world to celebrate successes in their lives. After decades of hard work, a senior citizen can fly overseas or take a cruise along the coast with her hard-earned money. If you want to protect your financial freedom in retirement, you need to get travel insurance that is designed for senior citizens.


Seek the definition of senior citizen by an insurance provider as you collect a quote. The traditional definition is 65 years old, but some travel insurers have moved the age up.

Research senior citizen travel insurance that covers specific methods of transportation. You should review policies for air travel, cruises and rail travel to find the right coverage for your upcoming vacation.

Modify travel insurance quotes based on the length of your trips. Many senior citizens get policies that provide coverage during summer or winter stays in a different region. If you plan on traveling extensively as a senior citizen, a permanent plan will save you money and provide steady coverage.

Write out a travel budget to set spending limits for travel insurance. You should include flights, accommodations, dining and extra expenses as the staples of this budget. After calculating the total for these fixed expenses, add between five to 10 percent of the total as a fair estimate of insurance premiums.

Visit a variety of travel insurance agents to find one with a combination of experience and a wide range of options. The ideal insurance agent will unveil a menu of basic and premium services that can be added to your policy for optimal coverage. You should also note any awards, certifications or positive reviews highlighted by an agent.

Place the emergency medical coverage in your travel insurance with your health care plan. You can get a clear picture of the financial protections or burdens you will face if you experience health issues during your trip. Check out medical liability coverage if there is too big a gap between policies.

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