How to Purchase Medevac Travel Insurance

Most healthcare providers overseas do not accept U.S. health insurance policies, including Medicare. Medevac insurance coverage provides coverage for emergency situations on foreign soil. It also provides transportation to a U.S.- operated medical facility for the insured and often a relative. Plans also cover the repatriation of remains in the event of a death.


Review your past and future travel itineraries and count the number of international trips that you expect to make on a yearly basis.

Ask your personal or group health provider if they offer medevac coverage as an add-on to your health insurance.

Read articles on the various coverage options for international travel medevac and terrorism policies at the Smarter Travel website. The articles often have links to companies that sell medevac policies.

Compare the current rates and coverage for at least three providers. Request a written quote by mail or by fax. You will often get better coverage from companies that have offices and customer service representatives worldwide.

Check the Better Business Bureau rating for the companies that you are considering. In addition to complaints or warnings, note how long the company has been operating as an emergency medical evacuation provider.

Consult the Consumer World site for in-depth reviews of different travel insurance companies, links to government consumer agencies and information on avoiding travel scams.

Choose a carrier whose coverage meets your needs. Purchase an annual coverage policy if you make several trips every year. Purchase per-trip coverage, if you only plan to make one or two international trips a year.

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