Travel Business, Pay Economy!

Travelling business class is indeed a luxury. Especially when you have long flights to deal with, business class is what you feel like travelling in. The comfort, convenience and service in business class is impeccable. But this luxury often comes at a very high cost and then you wonder if it is really worth it, for you would reach the destination even by travelling economy.

Now how about if you travel business class at a fraction of the original cost. Sounds tempting right! So here are a few ways to travel business class at considerably lower costs.

Cash your miles

If you are a frequent flyer, ensure that you enroll into their frequent flyer program. As your travel, you go on accumulating these miles. If you travel business, you would have the business reward points added. You can cash on these miles and request an upgrade. You would be able to enjoy the business class travel at much lower costs. You may have to wait until 2-3 days before the actual departure to check if there are seats available for upgrade.

Last minute check

Check for a last minute upgrade before boarding. Often if the business class is relatively empty, many airlines offer an upgrade at much lower costs. If you are a frequent flyer with the airlines, depending on the loyalty program you enrolled in, you may get preference for the upgrade as well.


Keep an eye on airline sales and deals. Sign up for newsletters. You will receive timely updates on the available offers. You may just be able to strike the right deal and enjoy a business class experience.

Off Peak travel

Pick up seasons or days when business travel is expected to be minimal. Especially during holidays, the economy class is generally overbooked while the business class may be empty. You have higher chances of getting an auto-upgrade and also a paid upgrade is a possibility.

Be flexible

During peak travel season, the flights are generally overbooked. Airlines may have to accommodate passengers in the next flight to the destination. Offer to be flexible, but negotiate to get an upgrade in the next flight for the inconvenience of getting delayed. The wait time maybe 2-3 hours, but the travel experience would be worth the delay. You may also get to relax in their fancy lounges for the wait.

Go the extra mile

Find ways and means of getting the airline miles. You can earn miles by shopping, dining, blogging, writing reviews apart from flying of course. Some airlines also offer buying of miles. By accumulating sufficient miles you may be able to travel business class for free.

Once you travel business you may want to travel in business always. Travelling business at economy cost is indeed a rewarding experience. Use our tips and have fun flying!

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