Travelling on a shoestring? No problem, just follow these tips!

The travel bug bites us all! However, not all of us have the luxury or the budget to indulge in our wanderlust every time we want. Thankfully, there are people out there who have made traveling on a budget possible. Following is a compilation of some of the most helpful tips if you want to travel and explore but don’t have the major funds required for it:

Eat local

Try out the street food and local cuisines of the place you visit. Be it Cambodia or France, adapt to the cuisine there as that will help you save some money. Looking for a restaurant that fits your homegrown taste buds may be expensive, so better to eat at the local restaurants. If you wish to dine in at a good place once in a while, you could dine and earn jpmiles, which you can then redeem for a flight later on.

Hostel instead of hotel

Although hotels offer better privacy and luxury, opt for a hostel accommodation if you wish to save some serious dough. Besides, you meet an eclectic lot when you hit the dormitory, enriching your travel experience even further. One word of advice: carry ear plugs and sleeping masks just in case!

Travel local too!

It is fun to travel the way locals do. Ditch the cabs and opt for cycle rickshaws, the Metro, local trains, yaks or donkeys, or even on foot. Not only will you save on travel but also experience an integral part of the lifestyle of your visiting destination.

Use your student I.D.

If you don’t already have an international Student identity Card, get one (obviously, IF you are a student). This little piece of plastic will get you major discounts on museums, hostels, transport, and even tours! No better time to travel than when you’re a student, right?

Some work and some play, saves Jack money

If your duration of stay at one place is considerably long, you could get a job like bartending, cleaning, teaching, playing the guitar, or even selling your poems or paintings! This will earn you some cash which you can then spend on your holiday. If you’re lucky, you might even find a place to crash at any of your workplaces.

Haggle, bargain, barter

If you’re snobbish, you may want to let go of that attitude when on a shoestring. You may need to bargain and then bargain some more to get the stuff you need. Be it local crafts or even food, you may have to haggle your way to a good deal to save money. Don’t be shy, as most cultures are pro-bargaining!

Explore the unexplored

Of course, if you’re visiting Agra, you can’t miss soaking in the magnificence of the Taj Mahal. However, go off the beaten path and explore the unexplored areas of the places you visit. Take a jungle safari, row down the Amazon with the locals, or hitchhike your way to some village in Kenya. This is the best way to truly understand the rhythm and culture of the places you visit.

Be that as it may, don’t forgo on the “must-visit” attractions if you’re running low on money, as you never know, you may not visit the place again. So travel smart, be safe, and let money not come in the way of your travel dreams!

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